Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fashion Sense

I can't be alone on this one: Every friggin' time I navigate to a web page with Mahmoud Abu Tir's image on it, I get a jolt.

Sorry I'm not able to post his picture here. Ever since I switched to this handsome pink layout on Blogger, I can't put up video, stills, nada, nothing. Meta beta blogger feechs.

But follow this and then come back.

See what I mean? He's a senior Hamas official meaning his face gets a decent amount of air time. Especially now that he's serving time in an Israeli jail under conditions that some claim violate international law.

Personal note to Mahmoud: Do something with that orange, wouldja? You look like a cross between a wanna be Herschel Shmoikel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofsky aka Krusty the Klown and the jovial rabbi in my neighborhood who keeps inviting us to Saturday lunch. Are Those the images you, a Hamas front man, wish to project to the world? Call me. I'll get you a stylist and image makeover person pronto.

your friend, Stef

1 comment:

Riihele said...

Hei Steph.
Priceless. Really laughed at this sharp observation of yours. Had kinda noticed it but not connected it to Krusty. See the likeness now that you 've pointed it out. Take care.