Friday, September 15, 2006

Tel Aviv Contrasts

Older woman at crowded Tel Aviv supermarket checkout:
Well I'll be. How can my bill be this high? Did I spend that much on these few things? Let me see. I'll have to go through this and make sure it's correct

Lady, you need to take your receipt over to the side and look at it there. You're holding up the entire line.

If I want to stand here and check my grocery bill then that's what I'll do! Don't you tell me what to do! Young people. So rude!

****five minutes later at busy intersection outside supermarket***

Same mature woman:
Do you feel better now that you rushed me? Here we both are at the same time so I see it did you a lot of good. Now help me cross the street. I don't see well and I'm afraid I'll fall

(yeah, of course I helped her)

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Emah S said...

now THAT'S funny! :)