Tuesday, September 26, 2006


See this little kid?
So did I this morning en route to taking Rapha to kindergarten.
See how it looks like his toochas might be hanging out?
It is.
And no, I have no idea either. And neither does the woman to his left holding the purse, for that matter.

Why would someone's mother take him for a bare toochas walk down a busy city street? Got me.

Or on the same theme, why would a seemingly together, non-inebriated/non-homeless guy sitting the next table over at a city cafe spit such an utterly gutturally horrific loogie into the potted plant beside him as to evoke the gag reflex and morbid curiosity surrounding his clearly un-gentrified upbringing?

I'm having a difficult time coming to terms with Holy Land Central these days. Indeed I am.


nikki said...

um, new age toilet training?

Stefanella said...

No no. The "new age" toilet training in these parts would be picking a female child up and holding her mid-air as she urinates in a public spot - say the front walkway to an apartment building - then shaking her for a drip-dry. I find that popular practice completely reprehensible. slf

yaakova said...

Oh my heavens... After this post, then your comment above, I'm just without words..

hadas said...

Oh! how hard it is, being a cultivated white woman among the savages!

Stefanella said...

As a matter of fact, Hadas, now that you mentioned it...And the "white" & "woman" and "savage" terminology is yours, not mine. Don't mean to step on your people's toes. But hey, when you get back from living in Canada I reckon you'll feel right at home, Huh?