Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Beauty of the Blog

Regardless of anyone's poo-poo'ing of the Internet, its supposed evils and how it will eventually lead us all into tarnation (the city right next to Boise), I am a huge fan of the World Wide Web.

It's where I shop, get news, keep in touch with friends and relatives, conduct research, drum up work, do business and of course, share a slice of my life and opinions with others via this blog.

Which, earlier in the week, led to a very nice, cyberspace-fostered encounter. An Israeli woman living in Toronto who has read my blog and offered advice when I was wringing my hands over Raphael's difficulty with the move to HLC (Holy Land Central), e-mailed last week to inform that she's in the country. "Why don't we get the two super-heroes together?" she suggested.

So we met at Banana Beach and after some initial sparring, the boys yucked it up, chased each other, shed clothing and splashed in the Med while we "adult types" exchanged stories, advice and information.

As Raph & I made our way home after dark, I marveled over the concept of spending the afternoon with someone literally by virtue of the virtual world. Now, could my mother have done that in her day using smoke signals? I think not.


Emah S said...

awww....thanks for the smile! We were just talking of our concern over the adjustment that our 2 boys will have, the older one in particular (he'll be 5 when we make aliyah). Nice to see Raph get an unexpected fun time with a new friend. too cool.

Hope he's doing ok in gan.

Stephanie said...

Remember that each kid is different so one of yours might do excellently, both, both may not, etc. At the moment, Raph is on an anti-Hebrew campaign and announces: I don't speak Hebrew should anyone address him in anything but English. Gan? So/so. He doesn't like it but is less resistant