Sunday, January 15, 2006

Holey Alliance

At the yoga studio the other day after class, bemoaning my yoga mat's stained state - dark, hand and feet marks I can't get rid of after 7 years of Adho Mukha Svanasana and traveling with the mat to Israel, Egypt, Singpore and Thailand - the instructor cheerfully informs: Oh don't worry. You should see my mat! And look: When I was in India, I used to practice in this underwear - no pants - and didn't care one bit.

At which point he promptly pulls down his shorts revealing rather "aerated" briefs, his toochas peeking through the holes. Is that divine inspiration or what?

In other, related news: Riding the wall-to-wall-packed-with-soldiers returning to bases after the weekend train to Beer Sheba this morning, I pretend to be reading my Madam Secretary Madeleine Albright Memoirs but am really listening to the three soldiers flanking me to the rear and sides.

Kids, proclaims one. You'll learn soon what tough really means. But now? You're both spoiled.

He couldn't have been a day over 21 and the "spoiled kids needing toughening" were 18-year-old newbies.
I busted out laughing and they totally caught me in the act...ahh!!! Now who needs to grow up?

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jfrancis said...

you should recognize this city by
the sea.

the tel-Aviv

Secular heart
for secular Israel.
Sand dune beaches
flowing with
Mediterranean blood
lend life and song
to the Jewish soul.