Thursday, January 12, 2006

Corpse Movie

Tim Burton is cool. Don't take my word for it, though. Check out The Adventures of Stainboy, Edward Scissorhands or his latest, Corpse Bride.

I'm way into Burton's out-there vantage point, his fondness for Johnny Depp, the fact that Tracy Ullman voiced something like four of the Corpse Bride characters and the macabre humor inherent in his work. And who'duv guessed that was Emily Watson of Lars Von Trier's Breaking The Waves voicing the role of Victoria.

If you sense a cutting edge element while watching this film, you're spot on; Apparently it's the first stop-motion, animated feature using commercial, digital stills rather than film cameras. The characters are sharp and detailed and there's a sense of depth to the scenery and backdrops.

Go, enjoy and if you're a parent, bear in mind that it's rated PG. Don't make the ridiculous mistake we did of searching in vain for the rating and subsequently relying upon the cinema employees' assuring advice: It's funny; Nothing scary. Don't worry.

Guess who's sleeping in our bed tonight?

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