Thursday, January 26, 2006

Clarification in Order

I need to set the record straight because I fear my lamentings are giving the wrong impression. The pal who I blogged about yesterday expressed concern over the continued doom and gloom I broadcast in my postings...

That started me thinking about people who might be reading those posts - the same ones planning to move here in the summer or in a few years (you know who you are, girls) - and I felt compelled to send out a message:


Okay. Just foolin'.

The inner questioning? Let's put it this way: My dad claims my mid-life crisis started at thirteen.

So, I'll always moan no matter where I am. It really boils down to crappy, insecure or...just plain crappy days. Nothing too scientific about it. As I expressed previously, those days will find us ALL no matter where we take ourselves.

So to the people coming over, come on over. Yes, there will be adjustment to go through, some culture shock, longings for things left behind. That's all natural. But remember that "breathe into it" stuff? I'm telling you, it works.

I know because yesterday, while torturing myself by getting onto Craigslist San Francisco & browsing pictures of apartments with hardwood floors, beveled glass windows, built-in fireplaces and walk-in pantries I started feeling a twisting agony in the mid-section. I nearly navigated away from the page then stopped and asked myself: "What is it you're really longing for? The space? The ornate-ness of things? Is it really that bad in the comfy, Tel Aviv 10-minute-walk-from-the-beach flat you have with an entire wall of glass windows overlooking orange trees? And let's face it: They were building PROJECTS next to your building in SF. Gun fire, 24/7 drug traffic and drive-bys are no fun at all, are they Stefie Stef?"

And guess what? The twist went away and I realized that relative to how it could be, my landing has been cushy-cush. So I'll get on with it now. Thanks for listening.


Emah S said...

Don't worry Steph, I enjoy your doom/gloom cuz I do see past it. Remember something to wrote to me in response to a post comment... "Don't mind me, I'm a drama queen!" I remember it and I chuckle as I read your posts. Keep me laughing you will, but keep me away, never!!!

:) ~Susie

Stephanie said...

You go, girrrrrl! Now THAT's Moxie!