Tuesday, January 31, 2006


A few notes as we head into February, hurrah hurrah:

Yet another meeting with someone via the blog-zone...The first was with this person visiting Tel Aviv with her family. They generally live way over in the frozen hemisphere, more commonly referred to as Canada. I wrote about our get-together earlier in the month.

Today, the meeting was with a fellow Yank, New York ex-pat living half in/half out of HLC (Holy Land Central). We coffee'd, exchanged HLC lamentations and got halfway through life story spiels before having to run off to attend to our respective "other stuffs". We shall meet again. Very nice lady with moxy and heart. I'm privileged, you know. I get to meet people from my country of origin in coffeehouses halfway around the world from the jumping off point. What a cool, cut-to-the-chase medium this blog world is.

In other news, I extend a heartfelt thanks to Tel Aviv's municipality and HLC's banks for making online school sign up and account access painless and bug free. Would you guys mind picking up the phone to the cable, electric, water/city tax, gas, phone, long distance, cellphone and internet access providers to clue them in about online bill pay? Hello!!! We are not rubbing sticks together anymore.

And my final soapbox derby of the day: Have you seen the latest, Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet? Ya gotta. Once again, I stand in awe and admiration of Tim Burton's talents. Ma, shield your eyes and click "page down" for this next part: I understand that it's all the rage among stoners, thanks to awesome visuals. I don't personally partake but I did try it once. Of course, I never inhaled.

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