Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Word..

For those who have followed the ordeal since it began earlier this month, I feel it's only fair to update regarding events which have transpired since I last blogged about it all.

Aside from the story appearing in the mainstream Hebrew & English press and on numerous websites and blogs, I have received e-mails and calls of support and inquiry from people wanting to take action, vent or write about the issue. One of the contacts came from a network television producer in the U.S.

This morning, webster Doug Fox of e-mailed to inform that editors of the magazine in question have removed the Website's list of dance companies by country originally showing Israel as absent. For the full text on it, read here.

Doug was encouraged by this move and his tone was upbeat. I'm not as optimistic.

But he did make a point worth noting about the speed with which the blog world banded together in protest over the issue. That is definitely worth looking at and thinking about in today's world of global connectivity.


ontheface said...

I'm also fascinated by the speed and power of the blog world to spread news and galvanize people to act.

I am very glad you blogged about this sorry incident. I know you were not looking for a fight and I'm sure the whole incident took a lot of energy out of you - energy you'd rather have invested in your personal life.

You did a great job of exposing hypocrisy. Unfortunately, the hypocrites you exposed seem to lack any ability to engage in critical thought or self examination. Which is why I'm not optimistic, either.

Stephanie said...

Yup. I second your motion, Ms. Lisa. slf