Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Elections Elections, Step Right Up!

The whole election blase attitude: yawn yawn, who cares, oh it's that day already? But I'm getting my nails done... is almost like the whole Gen X, Y, Z Whatever chic. So I'll be the first to break the mold.

It's exciting. In a subtle sort of way.

How can it not be, really?

First of all, it says something when most of the country has the day off. Perhaps it says that this is a socialist country that hops on the vacation day bandwagon whenever possible. Think: France and holidays and strikes. But I don't think so. I'm imagining my friend George back in San Fran, a fairly allergic to work type, explaining to her boss: But today is election day. I can't come to work! Uhhhh ..No.

Also, any election is about fresh beginnings and renewed hope and that is always exciting. Perhaps THIS new party will do what no other party has done before. Maybe we'll have peace. Maybe this other party over here will finally patch up holes in the economy. Maybe there won't be any more bombings. Maybe things will work out with Hamas and there'll be negotiations and an agreement and the army will be disbanded and everyone will have olive groves for backyards forever.

Yes it's naive and childish. But why not indulge fantasy for a day before the difficult tasks of forming alliances, brokering deals and ironing out our futures begins anew?

I'll drink my morning coffee to that while the neighbors' televisions blare stereo drone of talking heads. And I'll hum while surfing friends' blogs and news sites buzzing with tidbits surrounding the big day AND I'll butt into political conversations with gusto when Rapha and I venture to our favorite cafe for breakfast before heading to the polling station.

It's un-chic and I'm admitting it: It's exciting to be voting here again after a decade. And yes, I know who I'm casting for and no, I'm still not saying.

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