Thursday, March 16, 2006

Madam Lady

I've droned on ad nauseum about Madeleine Albright's book which I'm FINALLY concluding...a few more chapters to go

My admiration for the lady is clear as is my enjoyment in reading and absorbing the years of her service via her vantage point. A few more reasons to like Madeleine:

Her depiction of the Wye River Memorandum negotiations are funny, poignant, sad and cringe-inducing. A share:

- Hoping to push talks through rapidly, the Americans scheduled three very tight meeting days for the Israelis and Palestinians. Both delegations "surprised" their hosts by heading out for shopping on Day One. Cringe. The talks ultimately lasted nine days

- This is outrageous! This is despicable. This is just chicken shit; I am not going to put up with this kind of bullshit. Former president Clinton's reaction during trilateral talks with Netanyahu and Arafat to the former's suggestion that Arafat "take care of" a particularly prominent Palestinian as part of a settlement agreement.

- The Israelis evidently didn't like our draft ....we received word from our administrative people that the Israelis had asked for help in getting to the airport; their suitcases were stacked on the lawn...Madeleine Albright. CAN YOU IMAGINE?? A top level, government team showing protest by putting their luggage outside on the grass??? Cringe, cringe, cringe.

- Paraphrase: History will judge you all and issues now separating the parties are small compared to the stakes. "After agreement," he continued, "both sides will look back and not even recall these issues. It is now time to finish, and to fulfill the responsibility you have to your peoples and especially to your children." Jordan's ailing King Hussein in a surprise visit to the struggling parties. He died several months later. Tears

- ..we finally had an agreement. I rushed to my cabin to change and leave for Washington. The only problem was I had eaten so much junk food in nine days at Wye, I had trouble fitting into my clothes. Fortunately I had a loose-fitting jacket...Madeleine Albright. Yelp of Joy!!! A former secretary of state shares her girth issues with the world? You Go Girl!

Peace out. On with the chapter on Iran.

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