Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Man Mati

I'm talking to my ma on the phone and she mentions that her non-denomina-ffiliated hairdresser in Cincinnati is going to see..Mat..Matt..Matt..

Matisyahu? I offer.

You know him?

Well yeah, ma. He's sorta like huge in the Hassidic messianic rapper hall of fame. Not that I'm messianically inclined, Hassidic, a rapper or visit the hall of fame.

Oh...she says, pondering it all for a minute. Because my hairdresser says he's playing Bogart's and it's completely sold out. My hairdresser knows all the words to his songs. He asked me what mashiach means. I won't get to see Mat..Mat..What's his name again? But imagine that. You know who he is.

Ma, I say. I knew who he was before I moved 'oer here yonder across the pond. He was on television. Just now in January he was on Letterman. Ma, he was on MTV. Not that I saw the Letterman gig or the MTV bit but these things have a way of making the rounds.

Patty didn't manage to nab any tickets to the sold-out show but she's gonna head on over to Tower or Virgin and pick herself up a Matisyahu CD for the car.

And so it was that a Torahstafarian bridged the generation gap between Patty and Steph. Schoingemacht.


anonymous said...

What does schoingemacht mean? From the context and from breaking the word into two, I guess it means "beautifully done." ..Is that correct?

Stephanie said...

According to Babel Fish web translator, it means "already done" in German. My usage, however, stems from unabashedly nicking the expression from my ex who made it up combining Yiddish and Hebrew in the context of: "Thanks and end of story" as in: Schoingemacht. Patty is hip to Matisyahu.

Anonymous said...

I should just leave it alone, I know. :-) ..But I don't see where the Hebrew part of the combo is.

Stephanie said...

So sorry. Slip of the keyboard. I meant German and Yiddish. You know, I actually got on the phone to my ex to ask after reading youru comment. All these years and I never knew where he got it. thanks...slf

Anonymous said...

No problem. I wish I had a larger vocabulary in Yiddish. I think I only know about 20 words or so.

Swollen said...

I was intrigued by that expression as well. My wife often says "Nu schoin!" so I asked her about "schoingemacht" and she said "done already" and thought it implied "that’s it." It's a great sounding word and I hope I can use it sometime.