Monday, January 22, 2007

As the World Spins

My parents live in Cincinnati. It's where I grew up but I haven't lived there since my early 20's. So I've missed the sprawl, strip mall build-up and incremental change aside from what I see on visits.

My parents aren't religious but they keep a Kosher home. The other day, I got a card from my mother.

The Kosher butcher is going to close soon. Not enough business. Also Bilker's (a kosher mini-market) is closing. The owners are in their 80's and can't sell so they're shutting down. They've been in business at least 50 years.

It's a bit sad and scary to see the changes. We'll have to make periodic visits to the butcher in Columbus, I guess. I never thought I would see this.

There were four Kosher butchers here when we moved to Cincinnati and the JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Roselawn was only 3 years old at the time. Roselawn was "The Place to Be". Now, there's a killing in Roselawn nearly every week and the business district looks like a ghost town.

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