Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Kodak Moment"

My friend Jo in San Fran sent through a picture of her new dog Poco. I gazed and melancholy began brewing instantly. I then promptly ordered myself to halt.

Because the longings for "another place" can stream on ad nauseam.

Instead I decided to tweak it all and view things from a different angle:

I Am Fortunate and Privileged; Here are some of the Beautiful Places in which I Have Lived:

Cincinnati, Ohio San Francisco, California The Negev Desert, Israel


noorster said...

Wait, when did you live in the Negev?

Stefanella said...

Never. But since I didn't own a digital camera while living on a goat farm in the remote hills of Emek Ha'Ella, I figured I'd sneak in the Negev instead. heh heh