Saturday, January 20, 2007


Git in there and give 'em a fight for their money!

This should prove verrrrry interesting.

And now for an entirely different matter...

Can someone PLEASE explain to me how an editor feels okay e-mailing: Sorry but I was wrong; Accounting didn't issue checks this month. I don't know when they will.

Like, uh...What?

Oh that's cool. Yeah I know I did the research and made deadline and came back with the edits you needed. And I know you guaranteed payment by a certain date. But "payment optional" is groovy...I don't mind. My son doesn't need SHOES OR A WINTER COAT OR AN EDUCATION!

Better yet. How's about finding your article printed - with your byline - on a commercial site you never authorized. Like, they totally ripped it off without permission.

*sight* It's the weekend. I'll try and relax.

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Liza said...

So, do we vote for the white woman or the African-American man? I'll be really torn if a homosexual Jew throws his/her hat into the ring...