Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gender Preference

Every Friday at my son's Tel Aviv kindergarten, the kids participate in a traditional Sabbath welcoming ceremony. Two kids delegated "Abba (father) Shabbat (Sabbath)" and "Eema (mother) Shabbat (Sabbath)" light candles, say a blessing over the wine (grape juice), eat challah and lead the class in singing songs.

My son was Abba Shabbat yesterday. En route to school he asked:

Mom, how come there aren't two Abba Shabbat's?

Uh..well..I stammered..Because Israel hasn't gotten that far in terms of sexuality and traditional roles? Because this isn't San Francisco? Because...???

I then proceeded to explain that although he isn't seeing two Abba Shabbats at school, it's an okay part of everyday life. And illustrated via example - our gay friend Dean.**

He is Abba Shabbat with another Abba Shabbat?

Yes, dear. He doesn't have an Eema Shabbat. (Unless they're role playing and feeling frisky and ...well I don't need to go there with a five-year-old)

And the ensuing conversation was about girls, boys, boys who like boys, girls who like girls, (Blur, anyone?) kissing, being chased by girls who kiss...*sigh*. And so it begins.

**Fictitious name


Emah S said...

at my little one's gan, they have either an Emah shabbat OR an Abbah shabbat, and that way whose ever turn it is does BOTH the candles AND the wine, taking the gender stuff out of the picture all together. My son yesterday, when jealousy reared it's head cuz his friend was to be the Abba Shabbat, declared he would be the DOGGIE of Shabbat!!! :)

noorster said...

[Blur enthusiast]In the next few years, you can start introducing him to the rest of the band's repertoire, starting with, oh I don't know, track #2, "Tracy Jacks."[/Blur enthusiast]

Stephanie said...

Hi..just wanted to say that i enjoy reading your blog very much..thanks for sharing

Stefanella said...