Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Extreme Confession

You know those video clips that make the e-mail rounds showing everyday people - usually youngish boys/teens/men - trying out acts of absurdity a la Jackass? For the not-in-the-know, that's the MTV show centered around a few foolhardy young men who attempted an assortment of absurdities simply...because. Like crashing a bicycle into a cactus patch to see what happens. Or swallowing a goldfish live and immediately inducing vomiting to watch the fish come up again alive.

You are getting the picture.

Well I have a confession.

When people send those clips around I don't forward them. Unless they're super funny and not too violent. Which is rarely.

Because despite risking showing aging signs, I don't think it's funny to watch a boy jump in front of a moving train and jump out of the way at the last minute. I also don't think it's funny to see someone on a bicycle slam full speed into the back of a truck because he wasn't watching where he was going. And the daredevils who attempt and fail at jumps off rooftops, down stairwells or over cars...well yes we all know the intelligence quotient probably wasn't outrageous in those cases but regardless I'm still not laughing at an idiot's folly.

Au contraire. I cry when I see those clips. They upset me that much. Because I don't understand the people hurting themselves and I don't understand the people behind the cameras who continue filming someone writhing in pain. It's all beyond me.

This was my share of the day because I got a bunch of those type clips yesterday. I cried. And deleted.


Anonymous said...

I agree one hundred percent. I also rarely pass on most of the clips I receive, and most of them I don't enjoy watching.
Have a nice weekend

Liza said...

You're not showing signs of aging - you're showing signs of intelligence. Big difference! I can't understand those people either.